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Abrasive Wheel Training

What are abrasive wheels?
The Safety, Health and Welfare at Work (General Application) (Amendement) Regulations 2016 define abrasive wheels as:
  • (a) a wheel, cylinder, disc or cone which, whether or not any other material is comprised in it, consists of abrasive particles held together by bonds,
  • (b) a mounted wheel or point and a wheel or disc having (in either case) separate segments of abrasive material,
  • (c) a wheel or disc made (in either case) of metal, wood, cloth, felt, rubber or paper and having any surface consisting wholly or partly of abrasive material, or
  • (d) a wheel, disc or saw to which a rim or segments consisting of diamond abrasive particles are attached,

which is, or is intended to be, power-driven and is for use in any grinding or cutting operation.

Why do you need training?
Abrasive Wheel Training is a legal requirement and must be provided for all staff who use abrasive wheels. Providing this training will help reduce the risks associated with the incorrect selection and fitting of abrasive wheels including disintegration causing eye injury or laceration, hearing damage and vibration injury.
What we offer
We offer in-house abrasive wheel training courses which include:
  • Abrasive wheels regulations
  • Identifying the hazards working with abrasive wheels
  • Selecting the correct wheel for the job
  • Inspection and testing of abrasive wheels
  • Guarding 
  • Dressing and truing of abrasive wheels
  • Differences between grinding and cutting operations
  • Safe mounting of the abrasive wheel 
All learners are required to undergo a short theory and practical assessment to demonstrate understanding of the course. On completion, learners are issued with certificates which are valid for three years.
How long is the course?
This is a half-day course.
How many people can attend?
This course accomodates up to 10 people per session.
How much is the course?
Abrasive wheel courses are €350 per session.
How do I book?
Contact us today and we will arrange a training session at a date and time that suits your needs.